I apologize for the sudden pack update right with 1.07a .. right on the heels of 1.07. Unfortunately we overlooked an important version update in Extra Utilities that brings along quite a few bug fixes and crash solutions. Yes it was probably an inconvenience to all you server owners, but it was very necessary to prevent possible future issues!

Hopefully that’s going to be it for updates for the time being, and we can sit on 1.07a for a few weeks or more without any further pressure.

I do already have plans for a 1.08 update but I will most likely be putting that off until the end of March. 1.08 will have a significant update to RF Tools in it (which adds a ton of new features to the mod) as well as possible new versions of Mekanism being talked about. We will have to see tho.

For now.. no more surprise updates. Promise!