I am a firm believer of diversity: different people all embracing various different styles and difficulty levels of gameplay. Some people crave the thrilling experience of hardcore player versus player experiences while others embrace roleplaying games or deeply immersive storylines. For every individual and their love of games, there is a slightly different aspect of gaming for which they thrive.

   The League of Ordinary Gamers is a concept born from my own necessity: a need for a community of like-minded individuals. Quite often I find myself seeking a community of people who won’t ridicule or tease me for my casual-centric gaming habits. No matter the game, style or ruleset… I find myself set upon the task of creating a community that embrace not just the average ‘hardcore gamer’ but casuals alike and all types inbetween.

Things are still being organized, but over the course of the next few weeks you will be seeing more activity as The League rumbles to life as a gaming community. The forums will be fully updated and reset, with plug-ins installed to facilitate more community events.

Keep your eyes on this space, more announcements are due. The League of Ordinary Gamers is on its way!