Things seem to have been developing at a break-neck pace lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from working very hard to bring an update out for my mod pack, “Vaygrim’s Chance”. This update is in need of testing, and I was in need of a Test Server for that. Thankfully the fine folks at Akliz Hosting have come to the rescue, and have provided me with an excellent server that I intend to put towards great use.

Screenshot 2015-04-05 20.18.50

   Starting today, if you are an existing $5 (or greater) Patron of mine, you will automatically be gaining whitelist access to this server. This means you’ll be able to play on this server where I and several of my friends and support team will be testing v1.08 of the Vaygrim’s Chance mod pack for release. This means early access to pack updates before everyone else gets them, in addition to being able to assist me in testing things for general stability and non-crashiness. The whitelist for this new server will be updated on the 7th of every month! This means that I will make all of the necessary additions (and removals if needed) to the whitelist, in order to reflect any changes in current Patrons at that time.

I would like to make sure and remind everyone that this is a TEST SERVER. This means that crashes will probably happen .. and there may be data lost along the way. That being said, we will be running backups and will try to take every precaution in making sure things are as stable as possible.

I hope that this server can in some way act as an expression of my gratitude towards all of the support my Patrons have shown me over the last year. Hope to see you on the server!