I have a confession to make: I’ve lost my direction with Modded Minecraft.

Now.. before everyone panics and starts yelling “The sky is falling, he’s hitting burnout!” I want to clarify what I mean by the above statement.

Let’s have Sherman set the Wayback Machine for November, 2016. I was halfway thru my planning of Vaygrim’s Chance Season 4 (what would eventually end up being called “Life in the Buffer”). The shear amount of stress from planning this MC 1.10.2 pack was palpable; I could actually feel it building up with each passing week like so much planetary girth placed upon the shoulders of Atlas. At this very same time, I was mid-way thru what would end up being a 60 episode run on ForgeCraft under Modded Minecraft 1.9.4 (eventually updating to 1.10.2 as well). We had fairly regular technical issues on that server, but of course we would because it is ForgeCraft after all. Eventually things would get so complicated for TTFTCUTS and myself in that series, specifically because we were the only ones actually playing on it for the better part of 3 months… that the series would have to be cut short due to map corruption.

The server just couldn’t handle our awesome. (Or so I am told.)

Vaygrim’s Chance Season 4 was … lets call it a misstep; a severe miscalculation as to the actual areas of interest for my audience. Having to make the series ‘skyblock format’ at the last minute cost us a lot of viewers and resulted in a lot of complications and problems with the pack that wouldn’t have been around otherwise. Combine this with the herculean task I had set for myself; to build a massive 24 chunk by 30 chunk behemoth of a spaceship ‘set’ for us to record and things got even worse.

Right about now, if you have gotten this far thru reading this article you are starting to wonder, “Where is Vaygrim going with this? Why bring all this up again?” This is where I circle back around to where I am right now. While the Coop Life modpack has done very well, it has had its issues. Combine this with the fact that the pack can feel a tad… shallow, and you could probably begin why I am reticent to begin creation of another modpack for Minecraft 1.12.1 at all. I’ve got ideas for packs but I do not want to charge into another ‘big idea’ that gets out of control. What I feel I need to do is regain my ‘confidence’, get back to my roots. Start a single player series again.

What would I call it? No clue.

Would it be a “Let’s Play” series, or “Creative Builder” series? No clue. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

TL;DR – I want to build, I want to explore again. I want to love Modded Minecraft again. Before I can pull this off tho, I need direction. I refuse to start another project ‘for the sake of starting something’. So I am taking things slowly on this, carefully judging and trying to determine my next step. This is my attempt to let all of you know, and keep you in the look on things. I’ve not hit burnout, I’m not ‘quitting Minecraft’. I’m still here, I still love building projects and creating worlds.. I just want to make sure the content I’m producing is the best possible content that everyone will actually want to watch.