The planning and formation of a new series is in the works! “Grim Co. Construction” is going to represent a new, semi-regular one-off series being done in Modded Minecraft. The core concept for it is a short run format: each ‘series’ of it will be broken up into separate projects, with each project representing a different base design. Construction will be creative-mode (not survival) with each project being overseen by a guest “Project Architect” that will change out per build. I will act as “Foreman” and representative for the new construction division of Grim Co., and will be bringing in various guest “Contractors” to help with each project’s construction.

The whole idea behind the series is to get some conversation going between myself, the guest-starring “Architect” for a project, and any of the “Contractors” that may be aiding for a particular episode. While we talk, we can work on different aspects of a specific base design that will change per-project. One Project’s base may be themed and more decor-centric while another could be all function and simplicity of design, with everything being directed and controlled by the “Architect” for the project.

I really do think that this could work out as an ongoing series, acting as a source of inspiration for base designs of all types. That being said, there are still some aspects of the series that I am figuring out:

  • Should the series have a new map for every single project, or should I keep the same persistent world going .. adding a new base to it every time we start a new project?
  • I want to use a publicly available mod pack for the series, preferably a larger pack so we have a greater array of blocks to choose from. Which pack should it be? Direwolf20, Resonant Rise, an FTB pack?

I’m still getting some art assets lined up to start the series, and I still need to line up my first ‘Guest Architect’ but otherwise I am deadset on getting the series up & going. Please, give me your feedback. What do you think?