For the last month or more I’ve vested great amounts of interest in the story being told by a little Indie Game Dev title you may have heard of; a little something called “Bastion”.

   As I walked the roads of the Bastion, saw the sights of Caelondia, fought Windbags and generally had a fantastic time. Driven by the magnificent voice of “Rucks” (voiced by Logan Cunningham) I played the part of the mysteriously named “Kid” as he fought to rebuild after the great Calamity shattered the world into mere fragments and shards. While I may not have always excelled at some of the more difficult mechanics, I can only recall one or two fights that actually felt like any kind of a chore. The rest of the game had me reeling and spinning, absorbing the breathtaking atmosphere and amazing music along the way.

But like all stories, the tale of The Bastion must come to an end. Rucks, Zia, and The Kid must move on to bigger and brighter horizons.. leaving the rest of us behind to make sure the story keeps being retold.

I must say up front, while the gameplay itself was a blast and the actual game world amazing, one thing that drove me back to Bastion time and time again.

The music.

   Every single step I took in the world of Bastion was accompanied by some of the best game music I’ve ever had caress my ears. Terminal March gets my feet tapping, In Case of Trouble eases all my worries and stress…and every time without fail Build The Wall (Zia’s Theme) brings a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. I firmly believe that Bastion may just be one of the greatest gaming experiences of our time.. and I highly recommend you take the journey through it yourself.