Today (Monday, October 24th) is my birthday. A day of celebrations, to be sure. But also a day of reflection and deep contemplation on numerous subjects.

   The subject of my focus today is Livestreams. I absolutely love livestreams as they give me a chance to interact directly with my friends and viewers. They energize me, and give me drive to be a better content creator. Unfortunately, they also occupy a significant chunk of my week right now. I am currently producing 10 (sometimes more) hours of livestream content during the average week. That is 10 hours per week that I cannot spend producing recorded content, which is my primary passion. Once you factor in preparation time before a livestream, and cooldown time after the livestream… that number very quickly approaches 20 hours a week dedicated towards livestream based content.

   That is a number which, sadly, must be trimmed. It is getting harder and harder for me to stick to my “5 or 6 prerecorded videos a week” goal, and is going to be even more difficult to maintain once Season 4 of Vaygrim’s Chance begins. To complicate things even more, I’m also struggling to find time that I can dedicate towards preparations for Season 4 and the mod pack we are making for it.

   So, it is with a heavy mind that I trim my livestreaming schedule back to a more manageable point.

  • First change, “One livestream per day” – 4 hours of livestream content in a day, along with about 4 hours of prep and cooldown time, is exhausting.. and dominates my day.
  • Second change, “Lower view streams get trimmed” – While I’ve enjoyed my time in titles like “Elder Scrolls Online” and greatly appreciate ThePhoenixLodge being my guide thru that game world, it has always been my stream with the lowest number of views.

Keep your eyes on for my final schedule but right now, ForgeCraft and GrimCo VS Dinosaurs are staying on the schedule. Tuesday’s livestream will stay in the afternoons (for my European viewers), and Wednesday & Thursday night’s livestreams will stay at their normal times as well.

This trims my schedule back to a manageable 10 hours per week dedicated towards livestreaming. I still get to interact with you my wonderful viewers, but I also have much more time during the week that I can dedicate towards pre-recorded content (like Mod Guides!).

I ask for your patience with this change, as I know some folks are not going to be happy about it. I do hope, however, that it will give me more opportunities to produce even better content for you to view.