In a modern society that has such pervasive exposure to social media, stress can very quickly become an issue for people today.

    Some years back, I had a pretty stressful job, a generally stressful personal life, and across the board wallowed in stress on a minute to minute basis. This is something that ended up nearly killing me, quite literally, about 10 years ago. I came within 5 minutes of bleeding out on my bathroom floor, and being found several days later after a neighbor reported a ‘smell’ coming from my apartment. 5 minutes away from resembling the plot from an episode of CSI. That was the pivot point in my life. Priorities changed, personality changed… everything in my life started to get overhauled and restructured.

The current day fallout from this is a habit I call ‘Blocking Stressers’. If I keep running into someone on Facebook that stresses me out, I quit reading their posts. If someone is trying to interact with me constantly via Twitter and seemingly ‘intentionally stressing me out’… that person gets blocked. Repeated smart-ass comments with no real useful addition to a conversation? Blocked. Hecklers? Haters?

Well.. you get the idea.

This isn’t always something personal, this does not necessarily mean that I ‘hate you’ or anything of the like. Your personality or conversation habits, and my general well being, just don’t mix. If I’ve got you blocked on Twitter and you wonder why, now you know the likely cause.

If this was a ‘one off event’ and thing I’m in the wrong? Fine! There are numerous methods of getting ahold of me and clearing the air. I have public email addresses posted on numerous locations across my website.. plus you could always register on my forums and post / Private Message me there. But if someone tells me I’ve blocked you, and the first thing I see in your Twitter feed is a cuss-word-laiden screed complaining about my mental health habits?

Things most likely won’t go in your favor.