The evening of March 29th, 2006 changed my life forever; a forever that almost ceased that night. I was vomiting and throwing up, a problem that started happening so constantly and drastically that I had to move from the toilet to the bathtub for the sake of containment. I was sitting on my bathroom floor, crying and terrified as I literally could not tell if I was violently sick or actually dieing. Such is the curse of complete colorblindness: I literally could not see my own blood being spilled out thru a hole in my stomach.

   I started feeling lightheaded and decided I’d rather call an Ambulance and look the fool for overreacting than NOT call it, and end up dieing right then and there. After dialing 911, I started feeling so lightheaded and dizzy that I had to crawl on hands and knees to the front door of my apartment and unlock it so that the Paramedics could get to me. Once they arrived, they asked just how much I had been throwing up. I directed one of the Paramedics to the bathroom for evidence. When they came back from my bathroom they were pale, apparently almost as pale as me.

“We need to get him on a bag (of blood) stat!”

   Apparently if I had waited 5 more minutes before calling 911, I probably would have passed out … and died from loss of blood. My bathtub looked like the filming location for a Saw movie, and the toilet was just as bad. I had spent the majority of the evening vomiting thinned out blood thru a hole that had ruptured in the upper lining of my stomach. Something that almost killed me. That was the day my life, and my priorities, changed permanently. I dodged a swing of the Reaper’s scythe, missing his knock on my front door by a mere 5 minutes.

“Why are you telling me this now, Vaygrim? How does this matter today?”

   The long term fallout from this major life event has been an ulcer that I live with on a day to day basis. Cut back on fried foods, avoid overly greasy foods, and generally keep myself from going overboard with spicy stuff. Simple dietary rules, real easy to keep in mind and follow on a day to day basis. However there are other possible ramifications from living with an ulcer, and one is currently ruining my life.

    There is a specific type of bacteria that only seems to occur in the stomachs of people with ulcers, and it is called ‘Helicobacter Pylori’ (or H.Pylori for short). This nasty little menace nestles in the depths of an ulcer-bearing stomach and bring a bevy of side effects along with it. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and general body aches… you name a flu symptom and this stuff probably reproduces it. But hey it gets worse! Practically every day that I wake up, I feel slightly nauseous and dizzy. The last thing I want to do in the morning.. is eat, and this just makes matters worse.

I am effectively living with ‘permanent flu’ on a day to day basis. It suuuuuuucks.

“Is there a solution? Can this be cured?”

    Yes there is a remedy for it, but I have to go get checked at a Gastroenterologist (Stomach Doctor) and have some rather strong course of antibiotics prescribed. This problem has been progressively getting worse, ever since PAX South earlier this year and in general… I’m exhausted. But I am not beaten, and I will get this conquered. So I wanted you, my friends and viewers, to know that the schedules for all of my channels are going to get sketchy over the course of the next week or two.

    I will miss episodes, and I will break my normal content schedule. There is literally nothing I can do to correct this right now, as I spend half of my average day on the floor clutching a bucket and waiting for the nausea to stop. I’ve had grand total of 2 cups of coffee in the last 2 weeks as I’ve been too busy consuming Gatorade or water just to keep my system from crashing even further.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. 

 TL;DR – A really nasty bacteria unique to people with ulcers has settled in my stomach, and effectively giving me near-permanent nausea. It is going to screw with my content schedule until I can get properly checked out by a stomach doctor and get the meds I need. Have patience, give me a chance, I’ll get better and make it up to all of you. I promise.