As of late, I’ve had my curiosity piqued several times by new or upcoming games: titles in which I see a lot of potential. The primary issue that I am starting to have as a side effect of these titles is a dreaded mental place that I quite often refer to as “Wait-state”.

   First example: Overwatch. The moment I first saw Overwatch it enthralled me with the lure of vibrant graphics and a compelling backstory. As backstory for the title was unveiled, I would find myself drawn even further into the world occupied by its characters. This interest, while initially healthy, can end up evolving into feelings or emotions completely different from their initial origins. Interest can transform into infatuation, then frustration, eventually transforming to apathy over the title.. all before it has even been officially released. Right now I could quite easily consume a steady diet of Overwatch streams and videos from sunrise to bedtime, but after a few weeks of this I’m going to find myself getting very frustrated with my lack of access to the Closed Beta and inability to sate my cravings for all things Overwatch.

  Second example: Tom Clancy’s The Division. I have to say this title really came out of nowhere for me. I remember seeing gameplay footage and trailers for it last year, but never really pinned much interest in it because it seemed to be almost entirely focused on the “Player versus Player” crowd. Such games are usually pretty far outside of my gaming ‘wheelhouse’, and this was no exception. Then just a week ago, news of the Open Beta for The Division caught my attention and seemed to merit at least a cursory investigation. Worst case scenario, I end up not liking the game and set it aside in disinterest. Right? Wrong. The Division has grabbed onto my fascination with full force and is now refusing to let go. I’ve got two weeks of seemingly ‘endless torture’ waiting for the game to launch, sitting and twiddling my thumbs in the mean time.

  Many other games have been cropping up lately, several of which really do push me even farther into that dreaded “Wait-state” as a result of my interests in them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near any kind of gaming burnout in general. Minecraft still firmly holds my interests on several fronts, and I’m having a blast burning my way thru content in Guild Wars 2.

As of recent however, I am finding myself stuck in that melancholy of mentality that is .. “Wait-state”.