Greetings viewers!

I’ve spent a chunk of this morning updating and generally overhauling the collection of playlists for the main YouTube channel. I’ve added playlists for “VLOGS”, “Tech Tutorials” and much more. VLOGS now has almost a year of back-videos in it, and I will go thru and do another pass adding even more in the near future. “Tech Tutorials” is where I’m putting everything from my new “Editing Room” series to my tutorial vids on “OBS” or whatnot.

I also am going to spend this evening (between games of Overwatch, naturally) creating some new ‘Banner’ artwork for the channel itself. My main question that I would love some feedback on.. do you look to a YouTuber’s channel banner for information of anykind (such as current series or their livestreaming schedule) or does that not matter to you? I’d love to know!

In the mean time, back to work for me, I’ll chat with you all later.