The road to (data) recovery is a long a twisted one, designed to inflict maximum pain whilst reminding you constantly to never again repeat the mistake that put you on it. Yes reality, your point has been well made. I still feel the stinging pain in my mind, fresh like I have just been jabbed with a red hot poker.

I get it. I’ll back up my data. Promise.

In the meantime, I am working my way back to getting up and working again. I’ve had to consolidate my operation down to one computer. The journey back to functionality is requiring the re-installation of a considerable amount of software. The shuffling of a significant amount of data. In general… a complete rework of my ordinary daily routine. I’m looking into local data backup / redundancy options as well other possible improvements to my old workflow.

I am also still in the process of recovering data off two specific hard drives. Drive-1 has barred me from my data as it won’t get recognized by my computer’s BIOS directly, something that has forced me to order a USB SATA Drive Cradle in a last ditch attempt to read it. Drive-2 however is another story; it is not throwing up technical failures as some sort of make-shift barrier to keep me from my information.

No no, the tool it uses is much more fierce and intimidating. Drive-2 instead.. blocks me with TIME.

This particular drive is an older IDE drive, 240 GB and nearing 10 years old. It has served me well but I have now reached the point where I have a computer that is (almost literally) “too high tech” to interface with this drive. Yes the motherboard has EIDE plugs but nary a proper power plug can be found, and the drive is quite literally too tall to fit in the drive bays for this new case.

So here I sit.. hoping an order from Amazon can resolve both of these issues. Waiting.. the prisoner of time itself.

I hope to have all of the necessary data recovered so that I can get back to work, providing entertainment for all of those wonderful subscribers of mine.

Stay tuned, I will be making a comeback from this.