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VC4 Server Open for League Members
After my Last server ran in to Technical dificulties, and I unfortunately didn't find the time to fix them, I finally got around to setting up a VC4 Gameserver. It shall be open to League Members, but is whitelisted. Please DM me on discord to get whitelisted.
  • Server Name: VC4 by ChromeMystic
  • Server Game Type (e.g. Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, etc.): Modded Minecraft - Vaygrims Chance 4 
  • Server IP Address : DM Me on Discord
  • As mentioned before the Server is Whitelisted. At the Moment me and a few friends plan to play on it (I started the World a couple of hours ago). 
  • Most of us are from Switzerland, but speak english. 
  • We are all over 25 Years old, but younger players are still welcome if they are willing to play with us old farts.
  • The Server is located in Frankfurt, therefore it should provide a good connection to most EU gamers.
  • I would hope that everyone who plays on the Server will build some stuff for the community in the Spawn area (I built Ore Processing, a RFTools Teleporting Station and some fields for food so far.)
  • Our Play style: Friendly Building, as can be expected from a VC4 Server.

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