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Dungeon Master For Dungeons and Dragons Night
Seeking Experienced Dungeon Master

Must have Roll20 account, experience running a campaign, access to electronic versions of manuals for version of D&D you will be DMing, and basic idea for campaign to run.

must be available for once a week campaign, possibly Saturday around Noon CST (scheduling will be discussed with any potential players and Community Officer to avoid conflicts in scheduling.) reply to this post to apply.
I may be able to, though have finals and family stuff until the new year. I have the most recent experience in pathfinder, and it has very nice drop-in drop-out encounter, campaign, and EXP handling, so I would likely go with that. Also, contains the official pathfinder rules and manuals, all of them, including third party stuff. This system is used in conventions and such for balanced, long term persistent characters of differing levels capable of being used together in campaigns run by any GM running the core rules, so if people miss a meeting it won't ruin their character.

Have full access to Roll20, been wanting to take a crack at the API, but real life happens. I will be unable to really solidify anything until the new year.

Fair warning: I get crazy with my story-archs and worlds. If we want a typical, "Your quest is to slay the local rat infestation, given by the tavern keeper" sorta deal, I might not be the best for the job.

The world won't start going really insane until the effective party level is around 5 or so though, gotta give some room to breathe :p

Rant Afterthough = new Rant();
Afterthought = "if you intend to join ANY sort of D&D campaign, I strongly recommend making sure that your character and your party works well with each other. At the least on speaking terms.... from experience that doesn't end well for anyone, especially the DM. I personally won't respond kindly to inter-party conflict unless it has a GOOD reason behind it. No throwing each other off of cliffs because it would be fun, nor bringing a chaotic evil necromancer along with a lawful good paladin. Settle your personal affairs out of character, and away from the table.";

Rant.Close(); // TL:DR Keep personal fights off the table when you play, you will keep more friends and DM's that way

its 6am... the sun might be up soon. I should sleep
Well, here's hoping we can start the new year with some Pathfinder fun. You're hired. Can you start on January? Tongue
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