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Early Access: Tree of Savior
I got the early access on this game the day it came out and right off it seemed like an amazing game. The graphics are a lot like Ragnarok Online which makes sense because it's the same development team. The tutorial was short and sweet, the storyline was interesting so far, there's an option for repeatable quests for more exp in every quest area, and there's a fast travel system via activated statues. The auto lock system is a bit frustrating for my husband who was playing a warrior but I didn't have much issue with it as a mage. For those who love variety in their classes, you do only start out with a choice of four classes but as you level your class, you have a choice to branch off into variants on your class. For example at level 15 I had the opportunity to go from mage to pyromancer. 
   As for some of the problems I had with it, well it's the same problems you get in any mmo. Gold Farmer spam lag. Each server has about 20 channels you can switch to for less lag which is brilliant and I love that but no matter where you go, you get hit with lag from all of the gold farming spammers. They already took steps to get rid of them and still continue to do so before the full release on the 27th where it will be free to play which gives me hope for the game. There is a lot of potential in this one and so far, I have high hopes for this one. I don't think it will flop or try to nickel and dime the players like Archeage did. Until the lag is fixed, I'll give it a 4 out of 10 for now. There were times that the lag was so bad, we had to channel hop until our quests with npcs registered. Sometimes we couldn't even talk to them to get a quest turned in. If Tree of Savior can fix their lag, I would totally give them a higher rating. The graphics are very well done, there's several default controller settings for gameplay, little grinding or backtracking in quests, fast travel via the activated statues, large map, socketing and gems to upgrade weapons and armor, optional repeatable quests for more exp, and cute emojis! I'm a sucker for cute emojis. >.<
It's all fun and games until a Creep from Grimoire of Gaia shows up. After that, it's just a bad time.

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