Greetings my wonderful (and patient) viewers. I come to you a frustrated content creator. I had big plans for October, really I did! I was going to start off with Full Throttle Remastered, working my way into Alien Isolation DLC later on in the month. It was going to be spoopy and interesting …. but all those plans fell apart by the middle of the month.

Problem #1 – Alien Isolation’s DLC turned out to include some fun DRM that didn’t like me trying to capture footage from it for videos. Took me the better part of 2 weeks to conquer the problem, resulting in my not having a solution until just a few days before Halloween.

Problem #2 – “Full Throttle Remastered #1″ got me a copyright strike the very moment I uploaded the episode, due to the intro song done by the band “The Gone Jackals”. I was going to put out the whole series rapidly so I could finish it by the end of the month but ended up stretching the series out as more and more episodes of it got claimed by the same music company… “Orchard Music”.

Basically Orchard Music insists that they have copyright to the song, and I don’t have permission to use it. This means that I have two choices: #1 is to take down the video and admit defeat. Choice #2 is to leave the video up, let the strike take effect.. thereby netting my channel a copyright strike .. THEN filing a counter-notification against Orchard Music that I have the right to use the music. Here’s the fun part: I know that I’m right, and I know I have proper permissions to use the song within the video game. Why do I know this? Simple, Youtube’s got a rule about this very situation that states … any music from a video game’s soundtrack must have copyright claims done by the publishing game studio and NOT the original music company. So I’m in the right here. I’ve already appealed it once and it was turned down (which means that someone without YouTube actually does not know their own rules).

TL;DR – If I stick to my convictions, I get a copyright strike and lose access to monetization and livestreaming. If I pull the video, I admit defeat and basically have a Let’s Play of Full Throttle Remastered without a first episode. I have an email out to the YouTube Content Creators ‘Support Team’, but I have no hopes as to get an actual response or positive action from this email. In the mean time, in an effort to preserve the channel’s integrity I will stop uploading further videos and make all existing videos Private for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been struggling with this and really didn’t want it to end up effecting the channel’s content, but alas it has gone beyond my power to do so.