I’ve been spending the last 3 days trying to get ahead of the curve on the videos uploaded to my 2nd YouTube channel. This means busting my brain trying to plan out, record, edit and uploading as many videos as possible to cover Tuesday, Wednesday .. and potentially even Thursday. Why am I doing this?

To get ahead of the curve so I can have more free time later this week for the compilation and pushing of the 1.08 update for my mod pack, “Vaygrim’s Chance”.

The road to 1.08 has been a long and bumpy one, and that’s putting it mildly. The first test versions of 1.08 go all the way back to January of this year and was riddled with crash bugs and world corrupting issues galore. Issues induced by Forge MultiPart, memory leaks in Project Red, you name it and 1.08 has seen it. Now however release is well within sight; a feat that could only have been accomplished by the amazing testers that have been helping me out. So I really would like to thank MisterRoo, swampy4321, Dark_Fire_Sky, The Shadowstars, Vexatos, Bitmancer, Groeh, Demontine, WingATC, WhitbyDragon, TakuanSoho, and Black_fox9653. Without these amazing people I wouldn’t be even remotely close to completion with this update.

Thanks everyone, hopefully we can finally get 1.08 out the door and going!