Greetings everyone, Vaygrim here! I just wanted to step in and touch base with all of you regarding video scheduling for the upcoming holiday season:

  1. I will make sure that episodes of Vaygrim’s Chance – Season 2 are recorded and scheduled far enough ahead of time so as to maintain a regular schedule for the series.
  2. A new Builcraft-centric Mod Guide series is being worked on and will be getting released, one episode at a time, over the next few weeks.
  3. Bioshock will be continuing until the series finishes. I’m actually not sure how far away from the ending we are, but it ‘seems’ close.
  4. One-off episodes of Derping in Draenor will be making a return in an effort to explore some of the new expansion features as well as several clever addons that I have run across that might prove to be helpful (hopefully).

From Christmas to New Years, I might be a bit more quiet on the social networks than I normally am. That being said however, I will be around and accessible via the #Vaygrim channel on IRC in addition to Twitter and here on the website.

I also wanted to touch base real quick with all of you viewers, readers or friends out there fighting depression issues during this particular time of year: While I personally do not suffer from depression, I fully realize and acknowledge that it is a growing problem in social at present. If you suffer from Depression in any form during this holiday season, please PLEASE make sure you are talking to someone about it. Touch base with your circle of friends every single day, and try (as hard as it can be) to find something positive to thing about regularly.

Know that you are not alone here in the gaming community, and especially the Minecraft community. Seek out help, try to talk about the issue, and please.. have a good Winter Holiday Season!