Greetings GrimCo Employees! It’s high time we get this newsletter out the door and updated you with regards to the general goings on within the company.

We have quite a bit of business to cover so first we would like to talk about the series running currently on all of our YouTube Channels:


  1. Vaygrim’s Chance (Season 2) – VC Season 2 seems to be going strong, with views and interest still being maintained despite having just recently posted Episode #130 (!) for the series. Normally as a series runs longer and longer, views start to drop off on the later episodes as new viewers get more reluctant to get a ‘late start’ on the series. Steady views for a 130 episode series is very good for the company, so the Corporate Offices are quite happy about this.
  2. ForgeCraft 2 (Season 1) – Season 1 of ForgeCraft 2 has just been wrapped up, with the last episode airing on Tuesday. While this season was not as long as Corporate would have liked it to be, it was still a fun and over all positive experience. Staff is currently looking forward to Season 2 starting as the Creative Team already has brainstorming and planning well under way.
  3. GrimCo Construction – This new “Creative Building” series has been met with very positive reviews so far, and interest in the series seems to be rather high. It has passed the initial tests for the first few episodes, so we’ve put an order in for more episodes to air.


  1. Transistor – Reactions and views for Transistor remain positive, despite the content team behind it struggling to finish the series. The Corporate Offices expect that the final episode of this series will be airing soon, wrapping up this title and opening up a new time slot. This of course begs the question of what new series to air in its place? VOTE HERE
  2. Dishonored – Our customer’s interest in Dishonored remains high as the series enters the teens in episode numbers. The Analytics Team states that this is a very good thing, with the Corporate Offices giving their blessing for the series to continue!
  3. Dragon Age: Origins – At present, viewership for Dragon Age: Origins is at an all time low, with it garnering less than 50% of the average views that other competing series are earning. According to the Analytics Team, this puts the series at risk of cancellation by the Corporate Offices! We need to hear your opinion: Do you think the series should be put on hold / cancelled and replaced with a shorter run of something more interesting? Do we need to maintain the series and try to finish it out as soon as possible? VOTE HERE
  4. Gods of Skyforge – This series will be airing its final episode today. Interest in the “First Impressions” video for Skyforge set all-time-high records on Channel Two, according to our Analytics Team, despite the game itself being in a state of disarray at present. The Corporate Office has not ordered new episodes of this series, so it is being put on HAITUS.

VAYGRIM’S REST (Channel Three)

  1. Vlogs – Views for “The Vlog” appear to be holding steady, with audience interaction staying strong. The Analytics Team indicate that this is a good thing, and the series will continue.
  2. Random Readings – The ‘pilot episode’ for this series was met with a very positive reception by our viewers, indicating that more of this series should be done. If you have short to medium length suggestions for this series, please let us know!


GrimCo is proud to announce our latest public funding project: VaygrimTV ! This project represents months of hard work, analysis, and planning behind the scenes to make happen. VaygrimTV is part of a two-pronged attempt at making the quality video content we produce here at GrimCo readily available and easily supportable. The first half of this plan was the new video aggregator website at . This website checks once an hour for any new videos posted to all three of our main YouTube channels. It provides viewers with one easy location to find all of our videos and playlists, ready for viewing.

The second half of this new plan involves YouTube, specifically in regards to ads. If you are a YouTube viewer that uses AdBlock of any kind, and would like to show your support by financial means instead of watching ads, you can now do so! Simply head over to our new fourth channel VaygrimTV and you can subscribe for just $1.99 per month (with the option to cancel at any time) as means of supporting Vaygrim specifically, and GrimCo in general. This new subscription YouTube service will actually turn OFF ads completely for all of our channels! This means that you can continue watching ad-free (or using an adblocker) but show your support for Vaygrim through other means. This will allow us to continue making great content for you here at GrimCo !

The new VaygrimTV channel is entirely optional, do not feel ‘pressured’ into subscribing to it. This is just another attempt at providing multiple options for people to show their support.


If you’ve made it this far thru the new Corporate Newsletter, congratulations! A big thanks go out to our Patreon supporters who make so much of this possible each and every month.

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July 2015 was a very big month for GrimCo Corporate with things only looking up. Thanks for sticking by and watching all the content we work so hard to produce! Have a great August!