About a week ago I posted a video with a new build that I had been testing out under the new Traits system introduced in the “June Mega-Patch”. This build centered around the Engineer’s Flamethrower weapon kit, as well as a high end trait called “Juggernaut” that offered stacking Might and constant Stability. This build held an allure for me because it meant that I could avoid getting tossed around like a rag-doll when fighting monsters in zones like Silverwastes. I tested out Toughness as a major focus stat for gear, while adding in Vitality and Healing Power to boost extra staying power.

Not only did the build survive.. it thrived.

  I was standing toe to toe with some of the nastiest Mordrem on the map in Silverwastes, and coming out relatively unscathed. Even during major boss fight events like the Vinewrath, or even just random Champion fights, I was actually finishing off events alive.. at full health and zero deaths. It  was glorious.

 Then someone made a comment on the video for this build, stating that they were using a similar build but had focused on Toughness, Vitality and Power for all their gear. This allowed them to increase the over all upfront damage the main Flamethrower attack does, boosting their kill time dramatically. Well I decided to give it a spin, grabbed some Power gear off the auction house, upgraded it all with Superior Runes of the Brawler (plus Power & Toughness) and marched off to my possible imminent demise.

  I am happy to report however, that this build & gear combine actually doubled the base attack damage of my flamethrower attack (not the burning / fire damage bits but the main punch of the attack) along with almost all my other damage. Additionally I still had a massive pool of hit points to hide behind and a huge lump if Toughness to mitigate any possible damage that might be coming in. It had all the survivability of my original build but it hit twice as hard.

So expect a video on this within the near future: a ‘revisit’ to the “Burning Juggernaut” Engineer build.

Also yes I promised a instructional video on the new Traits system, I know. I’m sorry it is late, I’ll try to get it out before week’s end.