Things have been looking ‘down’ on the development front for Guild Wars 2. Promise after promise has been made by ArenaNet over the last several years, and it seems like most of those promises have been abandoned, forgotten…or just plain broken.

    The most recent set of problems in this downward trend has been the news that several ArenaNet developers that were working on legendary weapons for GW2 have now been reallocated back to other ‘more important tasks’. The promises made last year for a awe-inspiring agenda of new and interesting legendary weapons added for high end players has been shattered, with little to no sign of the projects ever being resumed in the future. The April Fools Update that went thru and brought back the ever-demanded “Super Adventure Box” (SAB) with the promise that this ‘seasonal content’ would be brought back every year for April 1st as a new sort of ‘festival’… which should be seen as great news. In the same breath however, ArenaNet is stated that no more time can be devoted to the missing Stage 3 and Stage 4 areas for SAB. Another area of content promise.. locked away.

   The Heart of Thorns expansion has widely been considered a failure in terms of content and expansion size gained for the $50 price tag it held. Map events are routinely partially or entirely empty, and the Guild Halls feature promised to be available to all… has been locked away behind a price and difficulty barrier only cleared by larger player groups.

    Across the board letdowns abound, and I keep telling myself that it will eventually get better. But the more news I read from ArenaNet, the less encouraged I am to start the game up at all anymore. I have no friends that play it anymore, with most moving on to other titles such as Black Desert Online. I am now weighing the heavy decision of keeping the game installed “just in case” or uninstall it and free up some much needed hard drive space in the process.

Is it time to move on?