I had a fairly startling realization this morning, while sipping from my coffee bucket and waiting for my brain to kick into overdrive. A realization regarding Season 2 of my single player series “Vaygrim’s Chance”.

We are fast approaching Episode 33.

But why is that so significant? Well Season 1 of Vaygrim’s Chance came to a sharp and painful end just after Episode 31… with Episode 32 marking the “Sudden Finale”.  This means that once we hit Episode 33 for Season 2.. it will have officially surpassed the lifespan of its predecessor… and this is a very big deal to me.

Fast on the heels of the Episode 33 milestone is also the 5,000 Subscribers milestone for my YouTube channel as well, combined with what seems to be a rapidly growing popularity of the “Vaygrim’s Chance” Season 2 public modpack (available on ALL THREE launcher platforms!).


Now.. keeping all of these impending milestones in mind, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has made this all possible. From subscribers to viewers, patrons to volunteers.. Thank You All!