I am in desperate need of an artist to do one or two work pieces for me, if at all possible. This is all stuff going onto t-shirts and mousepads (for my Patreons, among other locations). While I am more than eager to pay for commissions, I’m on an extremely limited budget at present. This means that any financial offers towards compensation that I might make are in no way intended as jokes, slights or anything of this nature. I am just not in the position where I can afford $200+ commission work right now.

I am basically seeking some ‘logo’ style work: themes that any interested artists could consider using are as follows:

  • Coffee
  • #coffeebucket (inside joke that my viewers will understand)
  • My Minecraft avatar being chased by killer cows (yet another weird inside joke)
  • 8-bit sunglasses (I did a horrible job on the ones my MC avatar wears but.. you get the idea.)

If you are interested in contacting me regarding this search, you can do so either via Twitter (@vaygrim) or fire me an email (vaygrim -at- vaygrim -dot- com).

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