For the last several weeks a significant amount of work has been getting sunk into this little gem of a mod pack idea called “Coop Life 2”. Numerous wonderful people have been porting mods, creating custom mods, conjuring forth artwork, and so much more. From questlines to mod testing, you name it and someone’s probably done it. The final culmination?

To say that I’m nervous about the release of Coop Life 2 would go beyond the realms of understatement. It’s the sequel to one of my absolute favorite mod pack projects, of all the ones I have done. The first Coop Life felt unique and fun, despite some of the rough bumps we had to go over during the life cycle of the project. Fast forward to a few months ago when I had the notion of how I wanted to craft Coop Life 2 and I could feel that same wave of excitement and interest working its way thru the back passages of my brain.

Coop Life 2 is fast approaching the final stages of development, with an impending release visible upon the distance horizon. While I cannot give a fixed release time and date, I can tell anyone interested in the pack that it would be wise to keep paying attention to my social media over the coming week.

Stay tuned, exciting things are afoot.