I cover this in the episode of “Vaygrim’s Chance” going out later today, but I wanted to go ahead and publish my discoveries now so that everyone else can chime in on it.

I’ve had a ‘mystery framerate issue’ going on in my single player world for quite some time now. It started out not too long after settling into my first floating platform, and has clung to me like a bad stench through numerous updates of my pack. I’ve tried to figure out if it was due to my heavy use of statues, heavy saturation of light sources, or just some kind of cosmic retaliation for my strange design aesthetics. It was not until just a few days ago that I stumbled across a possible solution: flowing liquids. I had 2 water fountains and 3 sewer downspouts in my world, all contributing towards the slow and steady degrading of my FPS. It wasn’t until I was doing some building in my new ModSauce series that I stumbled across the possible source of my woes.

In my new ModSauce series, I have (of course!) been building a skybase. Yes I have a ‘thing’ for skybases, no I don’t know why. I honestly cannot explain my mind’s obsessive fascination with airborne bases. Anyway… in that modpack I get upwards of 280+ FPS easily, and I’ve been trying to figure out WHY the performance for that pack was so much better than my own pack. During the design of the new farming platform for my Skybase, I decided to make some water ‘downspouts’ that spit water from the farming platform out into the lake below. Thought it might look ‘majestic’ or somesuch.

Well no sooner do I unplug these downspouts than my framerate takes an immediate plunge from 280 down to the high 90’s neighborhood.

This is when the lightbulb went on in my poor addled brain.

The more I think about this, the more I realize that I am not making any kind of new or revolutionary discovery. I remember many people talking about flowing liquids (water, lava, etc) being the bane of client performance and even server performance for versions and versions of Modded Minecraft before today. Heck this is even what motivated my pitching of the Digital Miner concept to Aidan C. Brady for Mekanism. Normal quarries would cut through the landscape, and leave massive holes with tons of flowing water wrecking absolute havoc for everyone in the surrounding area, much less the poor server!

“Surely there must be a way to design a better quarry alternative.”

Fast forward to today and I seem to have completely forgotten my own original advice. Color me absent-minded.