As anyone that watched yesterday’s episode of “Vaygrim’s Chance” may have heard, we have moved over to a brand new server for my signature YouTube series. Akliz Hosting has been gracious enough to get me setup and straightened out on a server of theirs and I have been immensely impressed so far. Initial tests on a demo server showed me that my “Vaygrim’s Chance” public mod pack ran like a champ on 1.1GB RAM server of theirs, where not even world gen was enough to slow performance down.

The testing I did gave me results that impressed me quite a bit, and cinched the deal on my choosing Akliz Hosting for hosting. Akliz has also added even more benefits to the situation by giving me a discount code good for a 20% discount.

Head on over to and use the coupon code “vaygrim” to gain a 20% discount off your first month!