2014 has been a wild ride for me, and I have loved every minute of it. I have made a ton of new friends, and really saw amazing growth for my still new YouTube channel in the process. Looking back on the year, I am still shocked how fast the Minecraft community has accepted me, and this overjoys me to no end.

So now that 2014 is coming to a close.. it is time to share my plans for 2015. Plans which can be summed up in one word: MORE. I am going to be expanding my YouTube channel lineup some, and putting out even more content than I did previously!

  • The primary channel VAYGRIM’S CHANCE will continue to be home to all my Minecraft related series. This means that it will be 100% mod pack play thrus, episodes of Hot Blocks & Mod Guide, and the like. I’ve also got plans to start trying out community adventure maps, do see what trouble I can find!
  • VAYGRIM’S CHOICE is the new home for all of my non-Minecraft gaming. This means that all content in from games like Bioshock or System Shock 2 will be showing up here. I have not moved all the old content of this style from my first channel, but the playlists have been relocated here.
  • VAYGRIM’S REST is the final new addition to my YouTube existence, and will feature regular vlog episodes from myself to update you all on the various goings on in my life.

I’ve already committed to several personal resolutions for the new year, and I am going to try my hardest to stick to them. I intend to post a minimum of 3 vlog episodes a week on “Vaygrim’s Rest” and 1 episode per day of content on both of the other channels. I am hoping that this new, more organized existence will help make the decision easier for folks to subscribe to my channels. Don’t like Minecraft style gameplay? Well now you can just subscribe to “Vaygrim’s Choice” and keep the clutter out of your YouTube Inbox.

Great effort is also going to be devoted towards adding a more refined and professional feel to the content I produce: this means better (and probably shorter) intro sequences, better subtle branding during videos, and more. I do fully realize that many people consider change to be scary, and I might lose some viewers in the shuffle.. but hopefully they will come back after the dust is settled and join us again on the other side of things.


To everyone out there that has made all of this possible: THANK YOU. Folks like Vexatos, Ace5852, Greylocke, SeanWCom, Trunks9809, Shadowstar_wd, Xaw4, taelnia, Saice, BevoLJ, KirinDave, Ako the Builder and so many more make everything I do possible. Without this great community of friends.. I’d be nowhere.

Stay safe and have a great New Year!