So I’ve had quite a few folks tell me that they’d rather I remove the $50 Patreon milestone and keep ads on my YouTube channel, so I can keep earning money from it. They have voiced quite nicely that they are more than happy with watching an ad or two since they know it supports me. Needless to say.. I was rather shocked by this initially as I assumed that folks would rather lose the ads and not have to put up with them anymore. This generosity from my viewers has really taken me by surprise, so I am bringing it up here to get further input from everyone.

As my channel grows, so does the potential for people to support me via contributions to my Patreon. That being said, some folks cannot contribute monetarily and see their watching of an ad here or there as their form of ‘contributing’.. something I had not fully considered.  After doing some thinking, I am going to start a post on my forums with a couple of options in it. I need as many people as possible to go vote in this post. You the viewers drive my work and keep me motivated, so I need to know your thoughts on this! Thanks as always for your time on this, I really appreciate your input.

Head here to vote in the poll!