In a little more than 7 days, the madness that is PAX South 2016 will be unleashed upon this unsuspecting world, and I will be there in attendance as the gates of madness are opened. The wife and I both have 3 day passes and we’ve been planning out exactly how we want to schedule our weekend, down to the last detail.

   Right now it looks like Friday is going to be my ‘business day’ where I will attempt to get as much solo time with various Game Developers and Hardware Vendors as humanly possible. Saturday afternoon looks to be a bit more ‘open’ in terms of scheduling, and as a result of this I thought it might be fun to organize a League of Ordinary Gamers Meetup for that timeframe. The real big decision that I have to make on this front is where to hold such a meetup?

Option #1 – Grab some space in the “Open Table Gaming Area” inside the Convention Hall itself.

Option #2 – We meet up at the food court of the Rivercenter Mall, just across the street from the San Antonio Convention Center.

While I’m quite sure we’d be able to find adequate space for a meetup with Option #1, it would prevent anyone without a Saturday Pass to PAX South from attending. With Option #2 I’m sure we will find enough space, and everyone could attend, but the SA Rivercenter Food Court is a tad spread out… which means everyone might not find the main group.

So on Saturday, January 30th @ 1pm I am going to be holding a “Meetup” … somewhere. I’m still researching it, stay tuned for details. If you are interested in attending such a meetup as this please tell me on Twitter!