Greetings all, it’s time for a long overdue blog update on my biggest plans for January of 2017. Specifically, it is time to talk PAX South 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

PAX South 2017 runs from January 27th (Friday) thru 29th (Sunday),and both myself and my wife MsMoab will be attending. We will be arriving Thursday evening (January 26th) and checking into our hotel, as well as meeting up with other members of GrimCo and The League of Ordinary Gamers as they arrive. I’ve got a planned agenda for myself but I will share that in another post later this week. The objective of this post is to announce…


The First Official (Unofficial) League of Ordinary Gamers PAX Dinner

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Bill Miller BBQ #33 (Click for store details)

1030 East Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard

San Antonio, TX  78210 USA

Telephone # (210) 534-3323

Current plan is to order & split several “Large BBQ Family Orders” (which we will have to put in an order for a couple of hours ahead of time). This divides out roughly to $7 for anyone participating in this plan. Otherwise there is a full menu available from which to order. We’ll be taking this location over from 6:30pm until everyone gets tired, or the establishment kicks us out at 9pm!

This is an open event, anyone can come, we just ask that you consider RSVP’ing first if you’ll be participating in the “Large BBQ Plan”. RSVP Deadline is Saturday, January 28th @ 4pm. Email with the subject “PAX South Large BBQ Plan” and let her know that you will be in attendance! Can’t wait to see you all there!