Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to bend your collective ears for just a few moments in order to discuss a problem that has quite suddenly struck a close friend of mine.

YouTuber Tedyhere had his house struck by lightning earlier today. The lightning bolt in question struck the house, potentially travelling down the DSL line and frying a large chunk of his household equipment. He has lost the computer on which he records his videos, his bluray player, television, monitor.. and more. The computer in question has at least had its motherboard, video card and CPU / RAM damaged.. with the possible addition of the power supply and drives as well.

In one fell swing nature has almost entirely removed a kind, generous and friendly member of the YouTube and Minecraft communities. Tedyhere needs our collective assistance in any way possible.. be it donations of old hardware, monetary donations, or just a kind word of sympathy.

Tedyhere @Twitter –

Tedyhere @Patreon –

Tedyhere @Donations Link – (Updated Link!)

If you cannot afford other methods of support then please, at least consider sending Tedy a kind word via Twitter with the hashtag #friendsoftedy to voice your support. Thank you all for taking the time to read this quick note.. I appreciate it .. and so will Tedy.