Twitter. Totally amazing social media platform.. as well as a wonderful soapbox for trolls. I do love the accessibility of Twitter; I can check it on my computer, my phone or my tablet. Whatever, wherever. Tons of services tap into it, and allow you to auto-push to it. Nice, wonderful.. fun.

But.. it has its complications. Some year or two back , the company that manages Twitter actually started limiting API connections that external (“third party”) Twitter clients can use. One by one this caused the collapse of third party client after third party client. Ones that didn’t get flat out shut down end up getting bought by other third party dev companies. Tweetdeck gets bought by Twitter Corp directly.. Hootsuite bought Seesmic, etc etc. We’re now in a situation were the viable number of GOOD Twitter clients with innovative features is a shadow of what it once was, with no sign of improvements in sight.

Right now I use Tweetdeck while I’m at my computer, and Tweetbot on my phone. Trouble is.. those two clients don’t “talk” to each other in any way. So one has no clue what my reading position is on the other. So every time I pull my phone out, I’ve got to scroll past dozens (sometimes hundreds) of tweets to figure out where my “last read” tweet is and where to start reading new tweets. It is inconvenient, aggravating and a downright hassle some days.

This post is more than just a rant.. it is a plea for help. Do any of you out there know of a flexible and informative Twitter client that exists on both Windows and iOS? One that has useful features such as the “Notifications” data column in Tweetdeck? If you’ve got some suggestions regarding a better “Social Media” client for Twitter, please let me know! (Either comment here, or let me know via Twitter @Vaygrim thanks!)