I’ve gone thru phases in my life where I either revel or revile in the notation of significant anniversaries. Today’s anniversary happens to be the 2 Year mark of my entry into the career foray that is YouTube. It has been a rough ride, to be sure. But I can definitively say that I have had more happy times than sad times, made more friends than enemies, and generally felt myself becoming a better person because of the experience.

On Tuesday, November 26th 2013, I uploaded a hastily recorded and haphazardly edited video called “Hot Blocks – The Digital Miner from Mekanism”:

    Upon uploading and making public, I then proceeded to slowly disintegrate into a stress-ridden mess, expecting that my newly crafted creation would quickly become the target of ridicule and hatred (for many an irrational reason). Much to my own chagrin I got the chance to witness the Minecraft Community embrace my new concept and creation with open arms, all in near real time. Here I stand two years later, much farther down the path I set myself upon with much caution and apprehension. I’ve progressed from mod spotlights and technical explanation videos to let’s plays, general gaming, vlogs and much more. I’ve gone from a 3 subscriber self-labelled ‘nobody’, begging for a chance to get onto the Resonant Rise Official Server (thanks KirinDave, I’ll never forget the opportunity you gave me), to an 8000 subscriber community-fueled so called “voice” and member of ForgeCraft.

From videos to voice acting, mod packs to livestreaming, I have poured all of me into what I have become now and do not think it is possible to be more proud of my accomplishments thus far. Having said that I also acknowledge that I would be nowhere without you my subscribers, my viewers, my friends.

Thank you all for joining me in this two year journey. Here is to hoping that we will all be together in two more!