So on Sunday’s Vlog (link) I threw out the phrase “The League of Ordinary Gamers” in regards to the desire for me find my own group of like-minded ‘casual gamers’. The phrase grabbed some members of the community, and the idea immediately started gaining traction. Maybe there was an actual need for this? Maybe this was my chance the create the community I’ve always wanted? While I do see a need for such a group, and I will definitely be starting it.. at present a new name may have to be found.

I did some random Google searching and YouTube searching, and turned up a one-off drama series done on YouTube by Edgeworks Entertainment called “The League of Ordinary Gamers” (IMDB Entry) released back in 2012. Edgeworks Entertainment is a USA based company, so I started checking the US Patent and Trademark office to see if the name was trademarked…. and it is NOT.

This means the name is legally open and free for us to use. It is in no way ‘protected’ at this point in time. But it does bring the question to light:

“Do we want to use it, and risk being forever confused with this one-off YouTube video series?”

I’m still thinking, still planning, turning the situation over in my head. I’d love to hear some comments from you the community so I can get more opinions regarding what should be done next? Use the League name or move on to something else, like the new Grim Co. faux corporate entity I’ve created for an upcoming series. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, by comment or by twitter.