So I logged into the YouTube account for my primary channel today, specifically so that I could start uploading an episode of ForgeCraft 2 that I had just finished rendering. I immediately noticed something was off about my subscriber count but I didn’t clue into it for a moment or two.

Then it hit me: “Vaygrim’s Chance – 7k Subscribers”

See once you clear the 1000 subscriber mark on your YouTube channel, the website actually starts rounding the number. So from 1,000 subscribers to 1,500 .. it shows “1k Subscribers”. Once you hit 1,501 subscribers that changes to 2k. At some point last night I cleared the 6500 subscribers mark on my primary channel. That channel’s subscriber growth has been almost shocking as of late, so I did not realize just how off my subscriber calculations were until just this moment. Now this is all still ‘grain of salt’ territory, to be sure. I could have 500,000 subscribers but if I don’t have the views to go along with that sub-count.. it’s totally pointless.

Thanks to everyone out there that takes the time every day to watch my little corner of the internet. Seeing that “7k” number really does make me a happy camper.