I realize that it has been a while since news posts of any kind have graced the front page of this website. Well believe it or not, this was never intentional. I check this website first thing every morning when I wake up. Make sure everything is running, check the backups, see if any sales were made in the shop… generic stuff like that. Periodically I feel the twinge of compulsion echo across the back of my mind, telling me to actually WRITE something and post it as well. These impulses usually lose out very quickly to my waking urge for .. you guessed it.. coffee. A day transforms into a week, a week into a month, and before I know it three months have flickered by in what felt like mere days.

First things first, welcome to a new theme I am testing for the website. I’m still figuring out the CSS code for this WordPress Theme, and generally still tweaking things around the site. I do, however, hope that everyone finds this theme generally okay (or at least inoffensive). The new website menu is located in the top right, simply click the three horizontal lines to open it up on the right side of the screen. You may also notice that this new theme now makes the shop much easier to browse and navigate, affording us a full page to show off our extensive collection of wares.

Second thing, no I have not forgotten about the League of Ordinary Gamers BBQ Dinner that happened at PAX South 2017. I’ve had a whirlwind of either health or life issues that have been interfering with my concentration since we got back from PAX South.. but I will compose a news post with some actual photos within the reasonably near future.

If you have been watching my YouTube channel over the course of the last few weeks, you may have noticed a bit of an irregularity in my consistency for posting videos. I do apologize for this deeply, but a confluence of events seem to constantly be conspiring against my ability to work and/or focus. At present the single biggest project that’s been stealing my attention is a new mod pack idea that goes by the name of “Coop Life”. I do not feel it would be ‘boastful’ of me to call this pack highly anticipated by several people within The League of Ordinary Gamers community. This mod pack is being designed around a central theme of farming and agriculture, with a heavy helping of silly thrown in for good measure. I’ve been putting a ton of effort into the design, testing, and over all concepts for the series this pack will drive. I feel like we are in the final week of testing for this pack, and hope to have it out within the near future.

Final piece of news: Customization work has been happening on a new ‘subreddit’ for The League over at http://reddit.com/r/ordinarygamers/ in an effort to find a new ‘replacement’ our old and dusty forums. Since no one actually USES the forums on this website anymore, I figured it might just be time for us to find a new place for static / important messages to be posted, discussions to be had, and general information shared. Please go, hang out, make some posts, and generally say “Hello”. If you are a Reddit “expert user” and have suggestions for how we can spruce the place up.. please post about that as well!

More news to come, but here’s where I wrap things up for now. Stay tuned, the Coop Street Mafia is up to their old ways again.