One of the things I absolutely adore about Subnautica is the updates sent out at a regular basis by the game’s developers. New additions, sweeping bug fixes, and much more all really add to the longevity of the game. Unfortunately, there is a downside to these updates: namely, game worlds that fall out behind due to their being created too many versions ago.

   The game world for the current run of Subnautica has run into this problem. I could opt to continue in that world, and keep plugging away at the series if I wanted to. This would however come with a significant number of disadvantages. That bit where I’ve mentioned repeatedly that the fish in the area were disappearing? Yeah that’s a bug they’ve fixed in the newest patch. FPS hitching, memory leaks, the works.. all have seen significant fixes in recent versions. Add into this the new machines that have been put in, additional biomes, better ways of locating advanced blueprints and much much more.

   Taking this into account, and considering the fact that I’m really not that far into the game’s progression tree, I’m going to start a new ‘season’ of Subnautica. Season 2, to be specific. I’m going to spend the weekend catching up on some of the basic blueprints like the Seaglide, Seamoth, etc. First episode of the new season will debut starting Monday, and I hope you all understand WHY I’m doing this.

Can’t wait to dive in, see you all in the reef!