My “Hot Blocks” video series kicked off my YouTube career. It is very near and dear to my heart, and I will fight to keep putting out content for it.. for as long as I feasibly can. I see it as the perfect bit-sized intro into a specific block or mod, allowing players a glimpse into possible greatness on which they may just be missing out.

Saying that however forces me to also admit that it takes the largest amount of time, in terms of both build time and actual research time, to produce and hand craft a single episode. Once I actually find a block that might make a good candidate, I still have a checklist to go through:

    1. Is the mod for this block stable and of good quality, in order to minimize grief for any of my viewers that might want to try it?
    2. Is the block itself well designed, and good (or great) at what it does?
    3. Is the block a danger to the player or their base at all? (This often motivates me to make sure I’ve got my details right as I don’t want viewers blowing up their bases.)
    4. What is the best way to present the block, as best to accent its capabilities and demonstrate its usefulness ?

As you can hopefully understand, this means that there is quite often a block that’s been nominated as a Hot Block which fails out somewhere during this list of criteria. For example there may be a block that is particularly amazing, but the mod it is in has stability / crash issues still needing to be ironed out. In other cases a real nice block might be hidden deep within a mod that’s otherwise poorly designed, or otherwise very ‘user-unfriendly’ to players.

This means that there may be one or two week gaps where I do not release new episodes of Hot Blocks, specifically because I have had some candidate blocks fall through on the requirements checklist. If this is the case, do not fret.. I have not ‘abandoned the series’ in any way. It just means that my rigorous quality standards have not allowed me to find any viable candidate blocks to bring to your attention.

Hang in there, new episodes will come along.