I’ve got an ulcer. A fairly bad one in point of fact, and this is not news to most of you my readers and viewers. I fight day to day ‘triggers’ for ulcer side effects, and more than half the mornings of any given week have me waking up with overwhelming feelings of nausea. That, in and of itself, can be quite the morning routine to tackle on any kind of a regular basis.

   Unfortunately things have gotten even more complicated recently, thanks in no small part to the overpriced and completely broken healthcare system here in America. The new complication to things lately.. is the fact that I have Asthama. Quite severe Asthma, as a matter of fact, and the primary medication that I am usually on to keep this problem ‘in check’ keeps having its price hiked from $300 a month, to $400 a month, now up to $500 a month if you have little or no health insurance to cover the costs. The medication itself is $525 now without health insurance, and even WITH semi-adequate coverage is still a staggering $395 a month. This means that in order to drop the price of this medication from $525 to $395.. I have to pay over $300 a month for subpar health insurance. So my $525 medication ends up costing me more than $700 a month!

  The federal laws governing medication and when generic versions of a medication can legally be made available here in America are extremely complicated and quite often make little to no sense… so I’m not going try and go into further detail on why I’m stuck in the situation I am in. The over all point I’m making here is that, until some generics purchased thru our wonderful neighboring country of Canada actually arrive, I’m having to stick to using my backup medication.. my ‘rescue inhaler’. This thing uses a pure, chemically synthesized alternative to adrenaline to actually achieve its effects and relieve asthma attacks as they start occurring. Unfortunately until I get back on the medication I need, I have to rely on this more and more.

   This means my system will, over the course of the next week and a half… start to stress out and shut down. More mornings of feeling gross, more days where I can barely sit still for more than 5 minutes much less focus on a single task. The problem builds up and compounds, generally turning me into a bigger and bigger reactionary emotional mess.

   So this is fair warning to all. There will be cancelled streams, there will be missed videos. This is unavoidable, but all of you deserve to know what’s going on and why my scheduling and general behavior might start getting more and more… erratic. Things will get better, there is a solution in sight. It’s just the next week and a half that are going to be rather rough.

Just stay patient and stay tuned. I’m not going anywhere, I just might be a little weird until this problem sees a resolution.