I love making new friends and making new people. Not only does this allow me to meet wonderful new folks from all around the world, discover interesting new things… it’s all just fabulous and puts me in a great mood. What makes me even happier ? Finding new friends with whom I can game.

    This is why I am very pleased to announce a brand new collaboration between The League of Ordinary Gamers and The Bromigos. The Bromigos are a hard working collective of family-friendly streamers and YouTubers that we have been watching and communicating with for quite a long time. After much consideration and some minor negotiations, these two groups have chosen to strike up a partnership so that we can both start collaborating with each other on future projects. The Bromigos now have a section set aside for them in our forums, and in general have been made welcome within the folds of The League HQ.

    With all of this being said, there are some important points that need to be stressed: This is not a takeover. This is not a merger. The League is not taking over The Bromigos, or vice versa. These two groups are collaborating, teaming up, and in general seeing what the future will bring. Keep your eyes out for new collaborations between various members of The Bromigos and League officers or members.

Welcome The Bromigos with open arms, and stay tuned for more news!