So here we are.. just barely into 2014 2015 and I find myself already in the midst of what has quickly become ‘Convention Season’.

PAX South in San Antonio, Texas is this coming weekend (January 23rd – 25th, 2015). I originally had no plans to go as it just wasn’t in the budget, with the convention ‘sneaking up on me’ (i.e. I forgot about it) so quickly. Plans are changing however, and I’ve managed to swing a day trip on Saturday. This means that I will be in the PAX South “area” on Saturday.. but I’ve presently not managed to wrangle the tickets to go as well. So.. details are being ironed out still on that front. If there is a group of Minecrafters meeting up somewhere outside the convention grounds.. I’ll definitely be there. Inside the convention area..? Well that’s still being determined.

OwlCon 2015 is also approaching fast but this pertains less to my career as a YouTuber, and more my hobby as a pen & paper roleplaying game developer. I’ve got this little side project called “Mana Punk” that I have been working on for more than 6 years now. OwlCon is February 6th through 8th, here in Houston, Texas and is set squarely on the Rice University college campus. This will be our second year attending OwlCon and we are very excited for things.

What does this all mean to you? Well on the same weekend as OwlCon I’m going to be a very busy camper, which means that there might be some sparse content going on with my YouTube channels. I will endeavor to get enough content scheduled ahead of time that this isn’t a problem but .. just consider yourself forewarned!

Have a great day!