Well the monster that is Mekanism version 8 is out for Minecraft 1.7.10, and it is an amazing .. fantastical beast of an update to the mod. Unfortunately so much of an update that this little clause is added to the end of the info page:

Warning: Mekanism v8 contains some major changes that may corrupt some individual Mekanism machines or items.  Please back up your world before you update, or preferably, start a new world before playing with v8.  I will not be providing support on GitHub for transition issues.

    I am, as some may or may not know, very very particular regarding updates to my pack. I don’t just throw it together and push it out the door. No no! Mod pack updates are very critical and meticulous processes for me. I test, I check mod versions, I analyze changelogs for mod changes, etc. So any time a mod comes out that has a ‘breaking update’ like this, I have a decision to make. Do I want to risk breaking the thousands of worlds people play in with my mod pack through just one update? Or stay ‘version locked’ with that mod and just never update it again?

    This is the primary reason why I haven’t updated to Chisel 2 in my mod pack: that update would scramble ALL Forge Microblocks in your existing worlds, changing them to other random block types from whatever their original was. For my world alone this represents a MASSIVE undertaking to rebuild whole stretches of my world. So.. Chisel stays at version 1.57 forever, in order to ensure fewer hassles for my playerbase.

    So now we circle back around to Mekanism 8 and the decision at hand: do I update to it and risk corruption and player hassle.. even if on a small scale? Or do I keep things safe, stable, and hassle free for my playerbase?

I am choosing to take the cautious route and will not be including Mekanism version 8 in my mod pack.

  Yes I realize that this is not going to make me very popular but I feel it is the best decision long term. I very much hate that there will be a big update to Mekanism 8 out there that I won’t be able to use it or fully explore it. However if a mod author chooses not to include transition code into their mod updates, I just cannot bring myself to include that mod update in my mod pack to that version.

I realize that I’ll get some hate for this decision, but I firmly stand by it.