This massive pack version sees tons of updates to many mods in the pack, several of which are bringing new features and much needed bugfixes. This version of the pack also brings the last of what I consider to be mods covering ‘missing features’ for the pack, in an effort to finally round out the playing experience.

iBench adds one single thing; an excellent portable crafting table solution. In addition to this, Open Computers and Computronics have been brought in to allow for more high tech automation solutions to all aspects of the pack. Open Computers also brings Drones, with the new Buildcraft update introducing its own version of Robots as well. To round things out even further, the introduction of RF Tools will allow for not only a Force Shield system, but a method for creating alternate dimensions (like Mystcraft) but with technology!

+UPDATED Forge to version

+UPDATED AE2 to RV2-Beta-8
+UPDATED AsieLib to 0.3.9
+UPDATED BiblioCraftto 1.9.2
+UPDATED Big Reactors to 0.4.1A2
+UPDATED Blood Magic to 1.3.0b-3
+UPDATED Buildcraft to 6.3.6
+ADDED Buildcraft Compatibility version 6.3.1
+ADDED Computronics version 1.4.1
+UPDATED Ender IO to
+ADDED iBench version 1.0.12
+UPDATED Mekanism to version
+UPDATED Mekanism Generators to version
+UPDATED Mekanism Tools to version
+UPDATED NotEnoughItems to version
+ADDED Open Computers version
+UPDATED Pam’s HarvestCraft to version 1.7.10f
+UPDATED ProjectE to version PE1.2.0
+UPDATED Refined Relocation to version 1.0.7f
+ADDED RFTools version 2.42
+UPDATED Steve’s Factory Manager to version A93
+ADDED TC Node Tracker version 1.0.2 (CLIENT SIDE MOD)
+UPDATED Thaumcraft to version
+UPDATED Thaumic Tinkerer to version 2.5-1.7.10-466
+UPDATED Tool Utilities to version 0.0.1-16
+UPDATED WAILA to version 1.5.8a
+UPDATED WAILA Harvestability to version 1.1.1
+UPDATED Witchery to version 0.22.0
+REMOVED YAMPST (all versions)

+ADDED ProjectE original Textures RESOURCE PACK by MagicBanana


It is live and flagged as “Latest” on the Technic Launcher. I will update this post once it is available on the AT and FTB Launchers as well!