Finally, it has happened! I’ve got the Vaygrim’s Chance – Season 2 public mod pack up and available on the Technic Launcher.

Go here to grab it –

Version 1.00 of the pack is available and flagged as the ‘latest’ build. There has been an initial ‘Changelog’ posted which has all of the customizations and configuration changes made to the mods in the pack, in order to aid in a more unified gameplay experience.

Important Note: This mod pack is very much geared towards ‘casual fun’ gameplay. It has by no means been adjusted towards giving someone a hardcore (or otherwise incredibly challenging) experience. Vaygrim’s Chance is all about challenging yourself by working with a shorter mod list, finding a different set of goals than what is considered ‘normal’.

I really hope that everyone gets an enjoyable experience out of this whole endeavor, and I hope to see some activity on the forums for the Mod Pack. Hopefully servers will start up which run the pack, but we will have to see. So go now, hit up the Technic Launcher and grab the pack!