Well the Finale for Season 1 of Vaygrim’s Chance has been posted. I must admit that while I am sad to see Season 1 end with so much unfinished.. I’m happy to finally see that save file meet its untimely demise. The Modpack itself that I assembled for that series fought me almost every step of the way, somehow rebelling every chance it got. From world-gen bugs to monster spawning issues, then compounding crash bugs from mods no longer under development.. if it wasn’t one thing it was another. Saying that however, the day I acknowledged that the save files were actually beyond repair after so many attempts to correct them, was a rough day. Tears were shed while I had this uncanny feeling that I was somehow bidding farewell to a close friend with failing health. Did I suspect that the problems would eventually compound to the point of unrecoverability? Yes.

That, however, did not make finally acknowledging the issue any easier.

My first steps into YouTube Let’s Plays for modded MInecraft were taken in that world it is hard to see it end.  I still have old save file backups sitting around and I think I may just zip up an old copy of the world and mod folder.. to unwrap and get all nostalgic about later. Now however, I must be more forward thinking. It would just be too much work to recover my progress from the older functional saves, so it is time to put things to an end.

This means that 1.7.10 and Season 2 is now just around the corner. New beginnings to experience, new friends to make, and new mods to learn. Keep your eyes here on the website and on my forums for further details regarding Vaygrim’s Chance Season 2 and what mods I’ll be looking to include in the modpack.

Who knows.. this time around I might just put it on the AT Launcher.


1 thought on “Vaygrim’s Chance – Season 1 Finale

  1. Who knows.. this time around I might just put it on the AT Launcher.

    ^^ I think you should. The time starved among us might thank you for it :D.

    Also, sorry for not swinging by for your streams after the other day! The timezone differences are a killer for me 🙁

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