Hello everyone! Progress is being made on the Season 2 modpack for Vaygrim’s Chance, and I wanted to check in with all of you and let you know. If you go here you can check out the GoogleDocs Spreadsheet I have going, and check out all the mods that I will be including.

  • 1.7.10 Status: Any mod listed with “DEV” is not going to be included either for stability reasons, or from the recommendation of the author. Any mod listed with “NO” means that it hasn’t been updated to version 1.7.10 just yet.
  • Mod Version: Versions for these are still being updated, so there might be minor discrepancies here.
  • Permissions: This is to track if I have received permissions from the mod author (if needed) regarding the use of their mod in this mod pack.
  • URL: Self explanatory, hopefully.

This is going to be the first public mod-pack that I’ve ever compiled, much less attempted to submit to a legit launcher. I am hoping that I can get this mod-pack compiled and submitted by late this week then kick off Season 2 early next week.

In regards to the mod-pack’s general theme & feel, it is going to be slanted much more towards “casual fun” than “hardcore” as that is my distinct play style. It is also going to be a smaller sized mod pack with a present mod-count of 61. This means that it will, hopefully, run very well on medium to lower end machines, allowing for as many of you (my wonderful viewers) as possible to play it.

I do welcome feedback and suggestions for the pack but do realize that the mod list at present is rather finalized, so very little if anything will be added further at this point. Thanks!