Vaygrim’s Chance 4

vc4Vaygrim’s Chance 4 is designed to be a more casual play style, designed specifically to alleviate a lot of the ‘grind’ present in other packs, and make building easier.” The pack is to be used not only on my LP server by myself and a few other YouTubers and streamers, but on my Patrons Only server. My viewers can use the pack to play along as well.

Season 4 is kicking off with the GrimCo Crew in-transit, having teleported themselves off the planet they were stranded on during Season 3. Where will they end up at the end of their trip thru the transport beam?





Please submit all pack issues (configuration changes, mod suggestions, etc) on CurseForge. Also remember that mod issues should be submitted directly to the mod authors of the subject mods in question.

VC4 Official Participants

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Vaygrim –
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The Dark Preacher –
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