Just dropping a quick note to everyone so you know what to expect for videos this week!


Wednesday, June 25Vaygrim’s Chance Season 1 & Wildstar Addons

Thursday, June 26 – Mod Guide & AstroNOTS (New Series!)

Friday, June 27th – Utopia 3 Age of Adventure & Utopia 3 Diamond Gear (New Series!)

Saturday, June 28th – Vaygrim’s Chance Season 1 & AstroNOTS


Friday Community Livestream – June 27th starting at 2pm CST (United States), runs for 2 hours!


Keep your eyes peeled for new content coming out this week! Also I apparently am going to have to start thinking about a 2,000 Subs milestone video! Yikes! Exclamation point!


UPDATED: Silly me, forgot the Friday Livestream.