Voice Acting

During the course of my work creating content for my YouTube channel, I have also done various voice acting parts for numerous other projects. Everything from HQM intros and HQM Lore Expansion recordings, to promotional videos and competitive series announcer work.. I have had a blast doing all of it. If you are interested in getting in contact with me for possible voice-over work, please email vaygrim@vaygrim.com

Skyrim Let’s Play Intro – “Steve the Redguard” (for BevoLJ)

This was an intro specific for the first episode of the series. Starting at 0:00 thru 0:47 is my work.

Infernal Skies – Lore Demo (for CyanideX)

Specific project for the HQM Intro Text for the Minecraft map pack “Infernal Skies”. All voice in the video below is me.

Random Readings – The Legend of Davy Jones

Originally recorded for the Minecraft map pack “Davy Jones’ Locker” being created by Tedyhere, I decided to go ahead

and record this again at full length with better audio.

Lore Expansion – “Tutorial Demonstration” (for CyanideX)

Done for the Tutorial Intro Audio for the HQM Lore Expansion mod for Minecraft. All voice in this video is me.

Supercharged – “Episode 1” (for Udaldor / Corjaantje)

This was a joint project with Udaldor & Corjaantje. I did the voice over for the intro as well as primary announcing duties alongside WayofTime.

Other projects that feature my work:

  • Resonant Rise 1.6.4 Modpack HQM – This work was done in cooperation with the Resonant Rise modpack development team, and IAA_Shrapnel.
  • AbyssWalkers HQM & Lore Expansion – An adventure modpack done for AbdoTGM50

Future projects will be added as they are completed & released to the public so keep checking back here for more!