Just after the New Year I started looking around for alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro, specifically due to massive monthly costs associated with subscription business model used by Adobe. In this search I found several interesting alternatives, but quite ‘up to speed’ with what I wanted. There are plenty of adequate to interesting software options available, but I kept looking for more…. searching for that special kind of ‘magic’.
At some point late February I stumbled across DaVinci Resolve 14 by BlackMagic Design. In this amazing piece of software I found more than just a great (FREE!) video editor, but audio editing and numerous other options as well. It could do what Adobe Premiere Pro could do, without the monthly costs, plus have Adobe Audition rolled into it for audio editing as well. Color me impressed! (Whatever color that is.) I kept looking around for other software options (just to make sure I wasn’t missing something else amazing) but always kept DaVinci Resolve at the back of my mind. After a few weeks I decided I’d found better options, cancelled my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, ready to move on with my life as ‘Resolver’.
This is when karma snuck up on me: I’d not kept DaVinci Resolve 14 installed, so I went to download a fresh install of it. I failed to find 14, but instead found DaVinci Resolve 15 in its place; a brand new update that’s out in Public Beta release and showing off new features. What kind of new features? How about rolling Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects all into one title? Yes it’s that slick of a new release. Unfortunately .. it’s also Public Beta and still has numerous instabilities and crashes that are fairly easy to find.

Here I sit, looking to get off my “livestreaming only” butt and get back to recording some video series for YouTube… but I’m waiting for stable software. There are other options I could delve into (like VSDC) but I’m going to play it patient. So expect new series from me on YouTube once DaVinci Resolve 15 makes a stable public release.

Until then I ask for your patience.